About us


Terri Wise

Terri has the most experience with horses and currently has five.  She was a mounted deputy for over fifteen years.

Her passion is sharing her love of animals with everyone.  Terri has spent most of her adult life fostering neglected, abused & homeless dogs, cats and exotic birds.


Brian Wise

Bryan’s passion is on the other end of the spectrum.  While Terri passion is with domestic animals,  Bryan loves to work with the more exotic species such as raccoons, snakes, timberwolves and kinkajous.

He also is very fond of just about any reptile you can think of.  Bryan and Terri also help rehab and release wildlife.  Bryan always says “one day in the wild is better than a lifetime in a cage.”

The Wise Family


Many of the animals the Wise’s have in their family are rescues or animals that were re-homed for various reasons. We do not purchase exotics as babies and then sell them when they reach adulthood like many others in our industry.  Most of our animals we receive as adults after other people no longer want them because they are out of the “baby stage”.  We teach about responsible exotic pet ownership, which is not for everyone.  Our animals are not just for shows, they are our family pets and their heath and safety is always our priority.