**This is only a few of the animals we have** –  Please contact us if you would like to know more of what we may bring to a show.We do take in rescues/re-homes so our animals may change frequently. Please support your local animal shelter or rescue!


Blue & Gold Macaw

Floyd is a great addition to our program.  He is one of the best parrots we have ever worked with.  He is trained to step up on anyone, which is a great time for pictures during the show.






Piggie is one of our superstars!  He is a captive born groundhog.  He is one of our animals that travels to almost every show.  If you’re lucky, he may even dance for the kids during the show.


Amber, Spot & Stripe



We have 3 great corn snakes that the kids can touch or pose with for pictures.  These girls are BEAUTIFUL!


Pastel Red Tail Boa


Rosie is definitely a kid favorite! Even if the adults are fearful of snakes, we always try to encourage them to let us bring Rosie because the kids LOVE her! Currently she is about 8 ft long. She was born in a science room for kids but got too large and that’s when we acquired her several years ago. She has been handled by kids since day one and has had thousands of pictures taken with her.

GREAT photo opp!


Mojo & Ozzy

Ringtail Lemurs


Mojo and Ozzy  are our pride & joy!  They are diaper trained and the kids LOVE their high energy and  how far they jump!  They are full brothers.  We normally bring at least one of our boys to each show.   This is one animal that cannot be handled by anyone other than Terri & Bryan.


Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula


Charlotte is one of our “creepy crawly” animals that may come to your show. Believe it or not….kids are very interested in her. She is quite large and photographs beautifully.  Above is a picture taken with Charlotte during a professional photo shoot done by Laura Dark.  No, we won’t be putting her on your child’s face, however, we do give everyone an opportunity to hold her.


Captive born raccoon


Raccoons are one of our specialties and favorites. Romeo was born and raised in our home and we love him dearly. He is a sweetheart.  Romeo is NOT wild caught and cannot be released into the wild.  Unfortunately, Romeo has gotten so large he does not travel with us much anymore, however, you can still watch him on the videos we post of all of our captive born raccoons playing with us at home.  We have 5 in all.

Fluffy & Nibbles

Fluffy & Nibbles - Chinchillas


Fluffy & Nibbles travel with us to most  shows because they are so adored by the children. Chinchillas are one of the softest animals in the world.


Columbian Tegu


Bogota is a Columbian Tegu.  Kids love to feel the texture of his skin and he will “kiss” their hand during the show.




Coco is one of Bryan’s favorites!  The love she has for him is so evident as you see her “hug” him as he carries her around.  She is also known as a south american raccoon.   Coco only travels to shows with Bryan.




Lillian is very special to us.  Not only is she gorgeous, but she is a sweetie as well!  Get up close and get a chance to touch this unique little girl and watch her hang upside down by her tail.