Frequently Asked Questions


Tarantula          Outdoor party


Here are some frequently asked questions about our shows, parties, and animals

  • Q: Is it okay for me to use a flash when photographing the animals?
    A: Yes, our animals are used to having their pictures taken.
  • Q: Will the children be able to pet the animals?
    A: Yes!  We let the audience be very hands on.  Most of our animals the children will be able to hold, pet or hand feed.
  • Q: Will the animals cause allergies to me or my children?
    A: It is possible that our animals may cause unexpected allergies.  We are not held responsible for any allergy related reactions.
  • Q: What if I need to cancel a show?
    A: Please call and give us as much notice as possible.  Your deposit of $50 will not be refunded for any reason, due to the fact that other shows were turned away as we held the date for you.